The college application process is competitive and daunting. Each year, nearly two million students apply to United States colleges. Among those applicants are more than 20,000 valedictorians, approximately six thousand 2300+ SAT scorers and one “smartest guy I ever met” in every community. Many of these star students are leaders and activists striving to change our world. With admit rates to schools like Harvard in the single digits, the likelihood of receiving a thick envelope in springtime can be awfully thin.

While many advisors will try to sell you strategies or secrets to “getting in,” this book is based on the collective expertise of the Veritas Tutors Admissions Team, which includes former admissions officers and alumni from Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Penn, Columbia, Brown, and Oberlin. Within these pages, we do not dictate but rather pose the questions and thought exercises we should all ask ourselves all the time. Because your college counsellor won’t fit in your back pocket, we suggest you keep this book handy as you plot the path to your Harvard.

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About the authors:

Founded by Harvard graduates, Veritas Tutors is a full-service education consultancy specializing in test preparation, admissions consultation, and subject tutoring for students of all ages. We provide instruction in our beautiful center in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA), in your Greater Boston home, or anywhere in the world through our cutting-edge online tutoring platform.

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  • How to approach a deferral or wait list
  • The advantage of taking a gap year
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