Above all, Veritas Tutors™ is dedicated to providing the best possible instruction to each of its students based on individual learning requirements.

All members of the Veritas team strive to instill a lifelong passion for learning.  Aware of each individual's complex and comprehensive needs from initial consultation to final appointment, we cultivate a genuine approach to scholarship for today as well as tomorrow.  Our aim is to help each student internalize a successful academic approach, ultimately making our services obsolete.

Our academic approach includes:

In order to encourage the type of intellectual curiosity that will remain part of a student's life for years to come, our development team constantly rewrites our curricula with an emphasis on the most interesting and relevant pedagogic methods.  With dynamic instruction, these lessons are always interactive, inspiring, and productive.  Even the few moments of downtime in each session serve as valuable mentorship opportunities.  Utilizing casual conversation as a means for self-discovery ensures that no time with a tutor is ever squandered.

In summary, we seek to address the needs of students in and out of the classroom with a particular emphasis on personal academic growth and self-discovery.  It is this additional mentorship and care that sets Veritas Tutors™ apart from the competition.