Our diverse team is dedicated to fulfilling your educational needs while giving you the best experience possible.


Helping students improve their grades, scores, and scholastic lives since 2005, Veritas Tutors is an educational company with expertise in academic mentorship, test preparation, and admissions.  Founded and actively managed by Andrew Magliozzi and Jay Bacrania, both cum laude Harvard College graduates, Veritas Tutors maintains a staff of dedicated, inspiring, and experienced educators.  For more information about our local affiliates and the attention afforded to each Veritas client, call now and ask for a free consultation with Andrew or Jay.

Andrew Magliozzi, Founder, President

Andrew is the founder, managing partner, and longest tenured tutor on the Veritas Tutors staff.  Having engaged in peer tutoring since middle school and paid tutoring since the age of 14, he has logged more than three thousand hours cultivating young minds at preparatory school and juvenile prison alike in subjects ranging from Latin to Calculus.  Since the outset of his pedagogic career, Andrew has made a continual effort to reach out to those who cannot otherwise afford to reach him.  In addition to the pro-bono work he is privileged to carryout alongside a number of other weekly Veritas Volunteers, he also founded a non-profit open education website for students (currently at Harvard) to collaborate, learn, and share their knowledge freely with the world.  Furthermore, Andrew is a frequent contributor to the shared articles and resources you can find on this website.

Jay Bacrania, Co-Founder, CEO

Jay is Co-Founder and CEO of Veritas Tutors.  He brings a wealth of operational experience from his previous managerial position at Digi-Block, Inc, and tutoring experience from the four non-profit tutoring programs he has directed and/or founded in the past 10 years.  Jay has closely overseen the rapid growth of Veritas Tutors in the past 4 years, and is passionate about supplementing the one-size-fits-all style of American education with individualized, transformative tutoring.  In addition to managing Veritas' operations, strategy, and finance, Jay works closely with educational researchers to continually refine and improve Veritas Tutors' pedagogical methods.  In August 2009, Jay also led Veritas Tutors' acquisition of RedKey Education.  Jay is a graduate of Harvard College.

Kat RameyManager

Kat joined the Veritas team in February of 2010.  Initially motivated to join Veritas by her time spent as a tutor, she was also excited to work at a fast-growing young company.  Along with the rest of the staff, Kat strives to maximize the Veritas experience for both clients and tutors.  A Boston native and a graduate of Boston Latin School, she also brings a familiarity with the local educational landscape to her work.

After high school, Kat moved out west to study English and creative writing at the University of Arizona.  Before returning to the East Coast, she worked for the University as a writing tutor for undergraduates with learning disabilities.  This work was very meaningful to her and motivated her to pursue work in education after college.  When not at work, Kat enjoys jogging around Cambridge and Boston, rock climbing, reading, and investing an inappropriate amount of emotion in Boston sports.

Sheila Akbar, Admissions Coordinator, New York Branch Manager, and Lead SAT Tutor

Sheila joined the Veritas team in the summer of 2010, bringing with her a wealth of experience teaching SAT, GRE, literature and composition in both one-on-one and classroom settings. Sheila loves both teaching and learning and finds nothing more rewarding than working closely with students to overcome the challenges they face. After graduating from Harvard in 2002, she spent two years working in financial services, an experience she brings to bear on her current role at Veritas, which includes managing our Admissions business, developing resources and curricula for the SAT and GRE, and spear-heading our expansion to New York City. Sheila holds a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Harvard University and is currently earning two doctoral degrees from Indiana University.

Adrian Jones, Client Coordinator

Adrian has been the Client Coordinator at Veritas Tutors since October 2011.  With a long history in customer service, he greatly enjoys working with people and ensuring each client has an impeccable experience, motivated by the mantra "treat others as you want to be treated."  Adrian's zest for learning and sharing of new ideas fuels his passion for education, whether in a classroom or through a friendly conversation.  Outside of Veritas, he may be found enjoying live performances (either as a participant or a concert-goer), reading by the Boston Harbor or on the Charles River Esplanade, savoring a homemade dinner with friends, or trying to subtly tap dance while waiting for public transit.  Adrian graduated from Otterbein College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Music and from New England Conservatory with a Master of Music in 2009.

Charles Morton, Tutor Coordinator

Charles is the Tutor Coordinator at Veritas. With experience in organizational and educational consulting, curriculum design, and quantitative analytical techniques in sports, he is creating and applying an array of diagnostic and prognostic methods to establish tutor-student relationships that ensure excellent individual tutoring sessions and foster patterns of progess throughout a student's academic career. After finishing his Ph.D. in Biological Engineering at MIT in 2009, Charles completed a post-doc at Tufts University School of Medicine's Center of Cancer Systems Biology, where he published original research using agent-based modeling to assess the theoretical role of cancer stem cells in solid tumor growth.