Veritas Tutors has a wide range of partners in the Greater Boston area.  Most notably are the Graham and Parks School, where Veritas runs a free homework-help center each week.  Likewise, Veritas has run a series of free SAT courses at the St. Stephen's Afterschool Program and hosted high school interns from Boston Life.

In addition to our outreach to children, Veritas also has an affiliate relationships with local consultants and psychologists.  Those individuals are as follows:

Miles Tarter, Psy.D, Educational Psychologist

Dr. Tarter is a à neuropsychologist experienced in psychological testing and diagnosis for students who suspect that they have attention, memory, or learning issues.  Dr. Tarter is a graduate of Yale University and trained Brown and Harvard Medical Schools. He is a clinical-associate at Harvard Medical School.  In addition to helping students from the Harvard and MIT communities clinically understand their academic strengths and weaknesses, Dr. Tarter has extensive experience guiding students with learning difficulties through the standardized test process on the high-school, graduate, and professional levels.  Dr. Tarter provides educational consulting, testing, and diagnoses-interpretation services for Veritas Tutors' clients.

Doriana Chialant, Ph.D, Educational Psychologist

Dr. Chialant is a neuropsychologist who specializes in clinical evaluations for a range of difficulties that can have detrimental effects on students' performance.  Dr. Chialant studied at The Johns Hopkins University and the University of UMass Amherst. Her work experience includes a position as a senior associate researcher on language deficits in the Psychology Department of Harvard University where she published extensively on language disorders, and a position as Director of Psychological Services at Brighton-Allston Mental Health Association where she was in charge of neuropsychological and educational testing for several agencies. She is currently the neuropsychologist in charge of the Memory Disorders Clinic at McLean Hospital and an Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Chialant provides educational and clinical consultation services for Veritas Tutors' clients.

Karen Kugel, Ed. M., CSCS, Admissions Consulting Affiliate

Ms. Kugel is the director of Youth College Connections, an organization that provides college consulting services to a wide range of students, and is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC).  She holds a BA in psychology (with a concentration in counseling and urban studies) from Rutgers University. She graduated in three years with honors and earned the Anthony T. Beirne Memorial Foundation Scholarship which allowed her to pursue an Ed.M. in Human Development from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has continued her studies on a graduate level at Boston University, Tufts University and Harvard.  Ms. Kugel works with Veritas Tutors to deliver admissions consulting services in one-on-one, workshop, and lecture settings.