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Veritas Tutor's SAT tutoring services are structured to address the unique needs of each student.  We begin all tutoring relationships with a diagnostic test and qualitative assessment by an expert instructor todetermine the student’s particular strengths and weaknesses.  This diagnostic forms the foundation of the plan that we then create.  While we cover all subjects, we will first spend the most time addressing areas where the student has the most potential to improve.

All of our tutoring is based upon these three major facets:

1) Content Review: students will learn and review concepts and processes that are required for success on the SAT.  The tutor tailors the exact content review to the student’s needs based on the diagnostic process and ongoing assessments.  Concept review includes such topics as basic algebra, geometry, and problem solving in math, vocabulary, efficient reading, and question-type analysis in reading comprehension, and essay construction, subject-verb-agreement, and dangling modifier identification in writing/grammar (and a lot more!).  The purpose of this phase is to ensure that students have the building blocks required to solve the problems posed to them on the tests.

2) Getting Used to Content in Test Format: Problems on the SAT are rarely addressed in a modular and linear fashion.  Thus, students must learn to integrate the different content and processes they learn, as well as develop an understanding of the common problem types emphasized on the exam.  The purpose of this phase is to familiarize students with the actual problems and the multiple concepts and processes they will have to use together to solve those problems.

3) Practice and Review: Finally, when students are comfortable with the component concepts and skills required for the SAT and how they are meant to deploy those skills for individual problem types, students will learn to address the test holistically.  This section will emphasize timing and how to judiciously create an individualized strategy for guessing and leaving questions blank if necessary.  Students will also be exposed, in this phase, to the rigors of the   full test and pitfalls that they may encounter.  This phase also serves as theee final review for phases 1 and 2.

The key to the Veritas method is the emphasis on building a student’s confidence by breaking the test down to component skills and methods and giving students an intimate understanding of how to approach problem types that they understand, as well as problem types that they have never seen before.

This linear, logical, and graduated method addresses the needs of students on all levels.  The overlapping nature of the phases allows students to smoothly transition through the different topics in tutoring while retaining the comfort of a graduated curriculum.  The result is that the student feels more comfortable with the test, gains confidence to approach novel problems, and develops important problem solving skills that they can use beyond the course.

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Tutors Available for SAT Prep:

Heather H.

Heather received her B.A. in Politics from Oberlin College in 2010. In Fall 2012, she began working towards her Masters of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

  • Enjoys biking to explore new neighborhoods, hiking, and playing tennis
  • Likes reading Japanese and American fiction
  • Works as a student assistant with the Civic and Moral Education Initiative at Harvard
  • Originally from Kansas

Richard T.

Richard has been a private/peer-tutor for currently more than 8 years, during which time he has helped more than 100 fellow students and clients improve their grades in and their understandings of various academic subjects - all for the long term. A graduate of Harvard College (with an AB in Psychology), Richard was a National Merit Scholarship Commended Student as well as valedictorian of his NYC high school, where he achieved perfect and near-perfect scores on national exams like the SAT, the SAT II Exam in Latin in 2002, the National Latin Exam, the NY State Spanish Regents Exam, and the AP Calculus AB exam. Most recently, as a research assistant completing his own applications to graduate school, Richard scored a near-perfect 740/800 on the Math section and a perfect 800/800 on the Verbal section of the GRE. Academically, he most enjoys finding similarities between subjects as disparate as the social sciences, the visual arts, business, and language-studies. He is currently a first-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Graduated from Harvard with an AB in Psychology
  • Emphasizes learning underlying concepts and principles
  • Has 8+ years of experience
  • Comes from an analytic AND creative background

Minji K.

Minji graduated cum laude from Harvard University, with an A.B. in the History of Art and Architecture and citations in Spanish and French. She has been studying Spanish since kindergarten and took up French in college, during which she had the opportunity to travel to the City of Lights to study Art History, in addition to the language. In high school, she achieved a near-perfect score on the SAT and received numerous merit scholarships, which were distributed throughout her four years of college.

  • Graduated cum laude from Harvard University
  • Before current job, has interned and worked at the Harvard Art Museum and international art magazines in New York and London
  • Speaks French, Spanish, Korean, and currently learning German
  • Has traveled to ten countries

Jia D.

Jennifer is a senior at Harvard in Winthrop House, studying Neurobiology and Visual Arts. She graduated salutatorian of her high school in 2009 with a weighted GPA of 4.65 and an unweighted GPA of 4.00. Jennifer obtained a perfect score on the SAT I (writing subscore 80, essay score 12), and for her SAT II's, she scored a 780 on Molecular Biology, 800 on Math IIC, and 800 on U.S. History, in addition to her many 5's on AP exams. She has tutored throughout middle and high school, and is a regular peer tutor in college. Jennifer is currently applying to medical schools, and scored a 36T on the MCAT studying on her own.

  • Perfect score on SAT I and near perfect scores on SAT II's
  • Salutatorian of high school with 4.65/4.00 GPA
  • 36T MCAT score (self-study)
  • Flexible teaching with emphasis on thorough comprehension, motivation, and positive attitude!