Looking for an Inspiring Place to Study?

Veritas Study Hall

What is Veritas Study Hall?

Veritas Study Hall is held every Wednesday from 3-6pm, starting April 3rd, 2013. Held in our Harvard Square tutoring center, Study Hall provides a distraction-free zone for students to read, study, or complete schoolwork in a quiet, academically-inspiring environment.

Each week, a study skills expert from our staff kicks off Study Hall with a short lesson to help students become more efficient, disciplined, and organized. Our tutors will remain on hand for the entire Study Hall to monitor student progress and encourage effective study habits.

Who should attend Veritas Study Hall?

Study Hall is designed for high school students, whether they are self-disciplined or need a little nudge when it comes to studying. Students will:

How much does Veritas Study Hall cost?

All students can attend Veritas Study Hall for $20/hour, and we are happy to offer a $5/hour discount to current or previous tutoring clients of Veritas Tutors.If a student signs up for Veritas Study Hall with a friend, each will receive an additional $5/hour discount.

How do I sign up?

Study Hall can only accomodate a limited number of students each week, so students must schedule their participation in Study Hall by Monday at 5pm of each week they plan to attend. Call (617) 395-4160 or e-mail us at info@veritutors.com today for more information or to reserve your spot!