Don't take it from us, take it from our clients...

Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence and innovation and especially for steering very, very special teachers in our direction.  We are deeply grateful. — Parent

The course was both helpful and well taught. I also thought that Kyle's approach was great. The fact that his goal was to make the connections that professors do not, was the unique prospective that I think will be the most helpful in mastering the material. — B.C. Student in Physics Course

The first time I took the SATs, I was instantly nervous and totally void of any confidence as soon as I arrived at each math section.  Miraculously, Amanda made me feel more confident in my basic abilities and even helped me overcome my fear of sequences.  My math subscore jumped from a 630 to a 720 and I was extremely pleased to be able to send that new score to Yale early action.  I was accepted at UVM, Oberlin, Colby, Georgetown, Cornell, and YALE!  I have no doubt that my range of choices is due in no small part to the help Amanda gave me through tutoring.  — Student: K.S., incoming Yale Freshman

I just wanted to convey, at the risk of sounding a bit sappy, how blessed we feel that we discovered your services!   I must say, the way you share your knowledge feels more to me (as a father) like watching a talented big sister looking out for her beloved daughter.  We are very grateful for your help, encouragement and extremely valuable educational resources.  Thank you. — Parent: Mike K., Hopkinton, MA

My son attends The Roxbury Latin School, which is known for its rigorous academics. He has used Veritas Tutors in Greek I & II, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, and SAT prep. He went up 1 subject grade in each course after working with Veritas Tutors and he went up significantly on his SAT scores. I cannot say enough about the level and professionalism of the tutors which Veritas supplied us with. They were overly qualified, committed, professional, motivating and always came prepared for each tutoring session. I highly recommend Veritas Tutors! — Parent: R. Tagliente

In Boston public high schools, the ratio for guidance departments is more than 350 students to 1 guidance counselors, a situation that makes it impossible for students to receive the attention they need.  From their service to and care for our students, it is clear that Veritas cares for ALL students, not only those who can afford the high tutoring prices in Boston.  Even though they're a small company with limited staff and resources, they have extended their precious resources to help our students.  Without Veritas, our students would have struggled like many of their peers, without mentorship and without encouragement, delaying their preparation for their futures, thus limiting their options. — L.S. and K.C. from St. Stephen's Youth Programs

The customer service and tutors are fantastic.  With subject experts in a wide variety of topics, we're essentially using Veritas Tutors in lieu of a private school education.  My son told me recently that one Chemistry session was like 3 weeks in class. His Honors Chemistry teacher even called me to say that she has never seen such an improvement in performance and confidence (he went from a C to an A in Honors Chemistry)! — Parent: L.M. School: Belmont High School

Physics was my hardest subject of all the post-baccalaureate classes I took.  I didn't think my 4.0 average would last through two semesters of physics but I ended up with a 96% on the final and was actually ranked 5th out of the 200 students in the class.  My professor sent me a personal email after the final asking if I'd like to be a TA for next year's class.  I don't think this would have occurred without Harrison's help in explaining complex subjects and walking me through more difficult material.  It boosted my confidence and definitely improved my scores.  My final test grade was the highest score I received on any exam in physics for the entire year. — Student: V.M  School: Harvard Extension School

I feel so much more prepared! The grammar helped a ton! It was good to see ways the SAT tries to trick people. I also liked the 16 Things You Need To Know About Math handout. That was great! — Student: L.H. Holderness School SAT Course

Absolutely, without the course I would be lost on how to prepare for the SAT. It allowed me to sharpen up my math skills. — Student: D.D. Holderness School SAT Course

Although it was three hours, it went by quickly. And my instructor, Amanda, kept us all engaged. — Student: K.O. Holderness School SAT Course

I would recommend Veritas Tutors for SAT preparation. Their tutors, who are excellent students themselves and who have taken the SAT relatively recently, have a good understanding of how to handle and master the test. — Student: Veronica Shurgalin; School: Lexington High, Lexington, MA

Veritas Tutors has a tutor for almost everyone. Their staff is prompt in finding just the right tutor, and can get a client started right away. — Student: Emily Hsiao

The SAT Course gave me a better understanding of the entire SAT test. — Student: Kathleen Goodwin; School: Winsor School, Winchester, MA

[Andrew] and a team of tutors came to Graham and Parks each Wednesday from 2:30 to 4:00 pm and supported students in getting homework done and offered various other enrichment activities.  The tutoring sessions were held in my classroom, so I saw first-hand the incredible dedication they put into working with the students.  In public education we are often short staffed and overwhelmed in giving the added support to the students who need it the most; to have a group with this level of talent and dedication come and offer their services to our school has been a real blessing. — Laura, science teacher at the Graham and Parks School, Cambridge, MA

The Veritas staff was very effective in matching my son, John, with someone suitable. It's a professional group and all customer relation type issues were handled right away. If I called about something, I got a call back right away, which was great! Their Paypal payment process was very convenient as well. — Parent: Lynn B.; School: Belmont High School

The fourteen-lesson SAT course increased my vocabulary and familiarity with several short stories and other reading passages useful for essay writing. Overall the course was extremely effective. — Student: Anna Konyuhova; School: Lyceum of Information Technology, Ukraine

Both Andrew and Jay have been professional, knowledgeable and very welcoming. Each representative has been helpful and accommodating. — Parent: J.D., School: Belmont Hill School

Both my husband and I have been very pleased with the tutoring that has been received.  Jessie is just what the doctor ordered!  He has started off the new semester very well, and Jessie gives us great feedback.  — Parent: D.K.

I cannot begin to tell you how much he has enjoyed working with Amanda.  He truly believes she is the smartest and nicest person he has ever met.  He is actually disappointed that he will not be working with her for the next couple of weeks!  — Parent: M.T.

I am very happy with my [SAT] math and writing scores.  I would not have been able to do this well without Jay. — Student: M.S

After tutoring with Peter, I did well above the mean on my final exam in Statistics and ended up with an A- in the class!  Peter gave me endless guidance and encouragement. — Student: A.S.

I was really happy with the results; I did so much better in my Chemistry class than I would have without a tutor!. — Student: Y.A.

Amanda had a great style of connecting with a teenage girl.  She had a great strategy that really made sense to Kayla. — Student: A.M.

My son worked with Vanessa to prepare for the Bio SAT II.  He scored very well on the test, especially as a ninth grader!  She greatly increased Asa's confidence, was very supportive, very thorough, and a wonderful overall support. She showed Asa that he could do well on the test, and he did.  It was a great experience all around. — Parent: S.M.

My son worked with Omar to prepare his application for the Harvard Business School.  Omar has been professional and supportive, adding helpful insights and observations, but at the same time, making sure my son owned the essays and was in complete control of the process. It was so helpful to have the informed support to help him get through this application. — Parent: S.M.