Using Primary Sources: A Guide to Writing History

I. Why Primary Sources?

When Wikipedia will no longer cut it.

We've all done it. Increasing margins, increasing line spacing, increasing font size. I personally memorized all the standard fonts in size-order: Times New Roman on the small end, and beautiful Arial and Helvetica on the large. Anything to avoid writing the assignment due.

"Does my Works Cited count as a page? Can I add it to my word count?"

The answer is, and will always be, no. Writing history papers should never be painful. Unfortunately, it so often is. To be completely honest, even I, a junior pursuing an undergraduate degree in history, found the papers I wrote in my school days of yore to be tedious and boring.

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How to get into (your) Harvard

By The Veritas Admissions Team

Who we are, and why you can trust this document

This document was planned, written, and edited by a team of Veritas Tutors’ finest tutors and admissions consultants, a staff which includes a former Assistant Director to Admissions at Yale University – that’s right, we are equal-opportunity Ivy League supporters here at Veritas. (We’d tell you his name but he is currently enrolled in the Admissions Officer protection program and we don’t want to risk his cover.) The point is, we have an intimate understanding of the entire college admissions process, and we would like to share some of that insight with you.

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How to write the Personal College Admission Essay

By The Veritas Admissions Team

For this tutorial, we are going to investigate one particular essay written by a white, upper-middle-class, private-schooled, accomplished but not exceptional student athlete. The Question: How is she going to make herself stand out from all of the other applicants that fit a similar profile? That’s right with a great essay.

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The Psychology of Test-Taking

By Rajiv Venkataramana, Veritas SAT Instructor, Emeritus

We’re not going to talk about vocabulary building, sentence corrections, essay writing, ratios, deviations, or the exponents just yet. Let’s step back for a minute: put down your pencil, close the test booklet, and turn over the answer sheet. Slouch back in your seat, sip on your Poland Spring, and just relax.

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College 101: A Crash Course

By Logan Ury, Harvard '10

Congratulations! You’re going to college. You’ve worked hard to earn the four exciting years ahead of you. You’re guaranteed a whirlwind of exhilaration, exaltation, and “I-probably-should-have- considered-what-that-would-feel-like-in-the-morning.” At this point, I’m going to assume you’ve already made your final decision. Whether you’re headed to the school of your dreams or that or that second choice which ultimately proves to be the perfect match, come Thanksgiving, you’ll be a changed person sitting around the dinner table. College challenges you to truly consider who you are and who you will become. Back in high school, there were assigned courses and recommended extracurriculars and perhaps the same friends since “Mommy and Me.” But college is a chance to reinvent yourself, as many people do. The choices you make – what to major in, whether to go Greek, who your friends are – are finally yours. College makes you grow. It makes you think. And it may just kick your ass in the process.

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