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Through the Veritas Blog, we communciate up-to-date information about test preparation, admissions, and general education to our readers.  We strive to post often and keep content accessible and interesting.   Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to address in our upcoming posts.


Each of these articles has been crafted with knowledge, experience, and care to provide you with important information on the most relevant topics for students.  Learn how to get into (your) Harvard, how to write a paper from primary sources, how to navigate your freshman year of college, and more.


Seed funded by Veritas Tutors, FinalsClub.org is a non-profit open education website founded by Andrew Magliozzi of Veritas Tutors.  This non-profit venture is just another way Veritas Tutors and its founders are striving to reach those students who cannot afford to reach us.  For more information on FinalsClub.org, see the following article from the Boston Globe.  For more information about Veritas volunteer efforts, click here.