The Veritas Tutors wealth of admissions expertise includes high school, college, and graduate studies.

Our experts have served as admissions officers at Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, Oberlin, Michigan, Case Western, Harvard Medical School, and other elite institutions.  Our team also includes experts in personal essay writing, school selection, narrative development, and academic mentorship.  Together, we apply our  in-depth and up-to-date knowledge to help you attend the best university specifically suited to help you succeed for the next four years and beyond.  Overall, the Veritas Admissions™ team provides services in the following areas:

We can assist for the following schools and levels:

With a perfect record of students gaining admission to one of their top three school choices, we ensure you will have the best chance to attend the ideal school for your academic needs. Furthermore, we understand that the application process is as much about "getting in" as getting into yourself. Let us help you maximize your academic potential. 


Meet our Admissions specialists:


Please call for more details.  Services available at the Veritas Center, in-home, and online.