Veritas Tutors™ has expert tutors to aid your preparation in every standardized test from SSAT to USMLE.

With an approach to exam preparation based on proven methods, a tutor will craft each lesson to your varied needs in order to maximize efficiency, interest, and results.

Though all preparation plans for a test will have simliar themes, no two of our plans are alike because no two test takers are alike! Many students, tutors, and companies make the mistake of using one set curriculum, not taking into account a student's specific needs or learning style.

We don't make that mistake at Veritas.  We maximize the results of your effort by isolating and prioritizing your areas of weakness and focusing you intently on preparation that will bring you the best results.

Our secret: our tutors.  Because our tutors know their tests inside out, they're able to use diagnostic tools to masterfully see your specific content or skill-related weakness.  Their knowledge of the content, strategies, and your learning styles allow them to suggest the path of preparation most effective for you.

We offer test preparation services for the following exams:

Standardized Test Preparation (click on a test for more details):

High School:

  • SAT
  • Intl. Bacclaureate
  • Advanced Placement




  • GMAT
  • GRE


Rates start at $125/hr.  Available at the Veritas Center, in home, and online.