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Sheila A. 

Subjects Available

  • Admissions - Graduate Schools (M.A. / Ph.D.)
  • Admissions Undergraduate (Hourly)
  • Admissions Undergraduate Writing (Hourly)
  • Algebra
  • English
  • GRE
  • GRE (Group)
  • Literature
  • Resume Consulting
  • SAT (all areas)
  • SAT (Group)
  • Writing

Academic Biography

Sheila has been preparing students for the SAT for eight years and for the GRE for seven years both in one-on-one and in classroom settings; she is quite experienced in tailoring standardized-test material to her students' particular needs. In tutoring, she draws from her multidisciplinary background in both mathematics and literature. She has also been able to leverage her significant writing and graduate school experience to aid students in the admissions process. A former commodities trader on Wall Street, she enjoys teaching Math for the SAT and the GRE, because doing so calls on her quantitative abilities, honed during her undergraduate pre-medical years at Harvard. Now a graduate student in the humanities, Sheila enjoys helping students think and write about literature too, especially in ways that are meaningful to them. In fact, at Indiana University, where she is currently pursuing two doctoral degrees, she has taught several courses in poetry, composition, and world literature. Sheila holds both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree from Harvard University and is currently earning two doctoral degrees from Indiana University. In addition to being Veritas Tutors' lead SAT tutor, Sheila also coordinates the Veritas Tutors Admissions Team and manages the New York City branch of Veritas Tutors.

Personal Biography

Sheila grew up in Michigan, Virginia, and Massachusetts and has lived in Cairo, New York, Los Angeles, and Bloomington, Indiana. After graduating from Harvard in 2002, she worked on Wall Street for two years before returning to graduate school to pursue her PhD.

  • Achieved a perfect score on the SAT and a perfect score on the Math section of the GRE.
  • Speaks seven languages.
  • Harvard University: BA (2002) and MA (2005) in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.
  • Indiana University: PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature and PhD Candidate, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures.

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