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Lauren F. 

Subjects Available

  • Admissions - Graduate Schools (M.A. / Ph.D.)
  • Admissions Undergraduate (Hourly)

Academic Biography

Lauren graduated with Honors in her Major from Dartmouth College in 2003. She went on to receive her JD summa cum laude from Michigan State Law School, focusing her research on constitutional law, race, and higher education. She enthusiastically is continuing these research interests in a Political Science PhD at Johns Hopkins. Lauren hopes one day to become a professor at a liberal arts college teaching Public Law and American Politics courses. Lauren is an admissions enthusiast. After college she spent three years as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Dartmouth where she traveled throughout California and the Midwest. She returned to admissions again after law school as a Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Michigan, serving as the territory counselor for northern Michigan and Long Island, and reviewer for international and transfer applications.

Personal Biography

Lauren loves canoeing, hiking, and just about anything that gets her outside. She loves visiting National Parks (Yosemite is a favorite), Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the Great Lakes.

  • Graduated summa cum laude from law school
  • Has over five years of admissions experience with a combined total of over 7,000 applications read
  • Majored in Religion at Dartmouth, now studying Political Science at Johns Hopkins

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