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  • Admissions - Business School
  • Admissions - Graduate Schools (M.A. / Ph.D.)
  • Admissions - Law School
  • Admissions - Medical School
  • Admissions Undergraduate (Hourly)
  • Interview Coaching
  • Resume Consulting
  • USMLE Prep
  • Writing

Academic Biography

Rob graduated summa cum laude from Princeton in 2000 after winning the Kennedy Thesis Prize for his work on trauma and aesthetics in English Literature. He subsequently applied to a wide range of PhD and graduate programs--English Literature, Anthropology, History of Science, Bioethics--and had the welcome but complicated honor of admission to each school to which he applied (Yale, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, U. Penn). He entered a PhD program in cultural anthropology at Harvard in 2001, and served as a Resident Tutor in Writing at Harvard College for 5 years. He was admitted to Harvard Medical School in 2003, and draws from his extensive experience in applying to a broad range of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and medicine as an admissions strategy consultant. This record has helped his students achieve placement at some of the world's leading universities. Rob's PhD work focuses on child-soldiering and cross-cultural psychiatry in Northern Uganda, just north of the Nile River. To this day, the Lords' Resistance Army ensures that much of the region is an active war zone, with the kidnapping of children a tragic and common occurrence. Clinically, Rob intends to complete residency in anesthesiology--critical ICU care and pain.

Personal Biography

Rob is an avid runner, whitewater kayaker, and scuba diver. A recent summit attempt on Mount Rainier left him altitude sick 1000 feet short of the summit. Hypothermic and exhausted as he dug-in to the side of the mountain, he counted the experience has one of his scariest but also most instructive. He has travelled extensively as an anthropologist and consultant working for HIV Vaccine Preparedness programs in Uganda and as a travel writer for Let's Go publications in the outback of Bolivia and Peru. He spends too much time on Facebook.

  • Specializes in Admissions Strategy Consulting drawing from a diverse record of acceptance in multiple humanities, social sciences, and medical disciplines.
  • Excels at helping borderline students with sub-optimal standardized test scores improve college and graduate school placement.
  • 5 year history as appointed Resident Tutor in Writing at Harvard College.
  • Patient and effective communicator.

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