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Charles M. 

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Academic Biography

Originally from southern California, Charles went to MIT at age 16, majored in chemical engineering and was one of the first students ever to complete the biomedical engineering minor--all while playing varsity volleyball and contributing to various research projects, including a stint at Suntory in Osaka, Japan. After undergrad, he worked in engineering consulting for a few years before returning to MIT for a PhD (2009) in molecular pharmacology, where he characterized the metabolic and pharmacokinetic profiles of an experimental prostate cancer drug candidate. Since then, Charles has been doing postdoctoral research studying carcinogenesis and tumor growth kinetics at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Brighton.

Personal Biography

As an undergraduate and graduate student, Charles TA'd and tutored extensively, and was a Big Brother here in Boston from 1998-2008. He is still affiliated with MIT as an assistant coach for the varsity volleyball teams, where he serves as both an academic and career mentor to the players and as a recruiting and admissions advisor to interested high school students.

  • Recently published a research paper in Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling describing the ramifications of cell type heterogeneity in a mathematical model of solid tumor growth
  • Was associate producer and music director for the MIT OpenCourseWare documentary series "Chem Lab Boot Camp," chronicling the progress of 15 freshmen in an intensive introductory chemistry lab course
  • Has had multiple responses and a speed puzzle published in MIT's Technology Review Puzzle Corner
  • Co-authored a script describing the strategy behind chemotherapy for an animated short video on

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