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Andrew M. 

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  • Admissions - Private School
  • Admissions Undergraduate (Hourly)
  • Admissions Undergraduate Writing (Hourly)
  • Essay Editing
  • Expository Writing
  • Homework Help

Academic Biography

Andrew is the founder of Veritas Tutors. He graduated with high honors from Harvard's Department of History and Literature, where his field of interest was early modern Europe. He is also an avid supporter of open education. In an effort to reach those who cannot afford to reach him, Andrew has posted a number of sample lessons at the bottom of this page. With specialties in math, science, humanities, writing, and College Admissions, Andrew's primary academic audience includes High School students everywhere. Andrew is also available for a free fifteen-minute consultation with any prospective client; simply contact us for more details.

Personal Biography

Andrew is an aspiring writer with a blog - - about "il dolce fa niente," or mediterranean mindfulness for the modern age. In his spare time Andrew enjoys the practice of Italian and traditional yoga alike. In addition to his ordinary work at Veritas Tutors, Andrew runs a volunteer homework center at the Graham and Parks School and has founded a non-profit open education website,

  • Cum Laude Harvard College Graduate
  • Founded a non-profit open education website,
  • Studied abroad in Bologna, Italy
  • Is a vegetarian and rides a bicycle


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